Definitive list of pencils required 

To help you plan what you need, here is a list of all the pencils used to create every one of the animal portraits or features in the book.  There are 45 pastel pencils required in total.

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Cretacolor Pastel Pencils

Cloud Grey 232

Chromium Yellow 108 

Mars Violet Light 125 

Ochre Dark 203

Ochre Light 202

Old Rose Light 135

Olive Green Light 188 

Orange 111

Pea Green 187 

Sanguine Light 207 

Silver Grey 231

Tan Dark 130 

Tan Light 131 

Yellow Grey 226

Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils

White 101

Alizarin Crimson 226

Beige Red (Light Flesh) 132

Bistre 179

Black 199

Brown Ochre 182

Burnt Ochre 187

Burnt Umber 280

Caput Mortuum 169

Cinnamon 189

Cold Grey IV 233

Coral (Medium Flesh) 131

Dark Chrome Yellow 109

Dark Red 225

Dark Sepia 175

Ivory 103

Light Ultramarine 140

Light Yellow Ochre 183

May Green 170

Naples Yellow 185

Olive Green Yellowish 173

Raw Umber 180  

Violet 138

Walnut Brown 177

Derwent Pastel Pencils (updated colours since publishing)

Raw Umber P560 - (replaces Umber 79B in the book)

Dark Olive P520 - (replaces Dark Olive Green 74B & 74D in the book)

Ionian Green P500 - (replaces Green Umber 78B in the book) 

Burnt Umber P540 - (replaces Burnt Umber 54B in the book) 

Olive Green P510 - (replaces Hookers Green 75B in the book)