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with Pastel Pencils by Lucy Swinburne




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Review Made by Henry Malt
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"This stunning guide to wildlife drawing manages to be both a thoroughly serious study and completely accessible at the same time. Only someone who is fully confident and at home with their subject matter and working methods can achieve that..."
Review Made by The Artist
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"This guide to painting wildlife will simply take your breath away. Using pencils is understandable because of the opportunity
for working with fine detail... Her work, however, speaks eloquently for their abilities and the quality
of the reproduction is superb..."


I am really enjoying this book. The step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow and the illustrations in the book are large and clearly show the pencil strokes, which is very helpful in guiding your own drawing and directing you to observe the direction of fur growth. I highly recommend it - especially for beginners.


If you are interested in detailed pastel drawing of animals of any kind, then this is a great book that details the different skills required. You can work through the various projects, including video demos. Or you can dip in and out to find specific elements to work on that relate to your own projects. 

L Duncombe

I haven't come across a book examining the medium of pastel pencils before, so it's a first for me. The artwork is stunning and the projects are interesting whether you are a novice or a more experienced artist. Lucy shares her experience in a most generous fashion, you can't fail to learn from her.  

P Gant

Extremely detailed step by step instructions will guide you through each stage of these wonderful drawings.    Full illustrations and video links will demonstrate every pencil stroke. An absolute must for anyone who wants to learn to draw animals. It's like having your own personal tutor!

Mr Dart

I have received my taming wildlife book it is fantastic. Love the step by step guide. I was lucky to have been to a workshop with Lucy, it was a great day and I learnt a lot. This book is the next best thing with great pictures, a must have buy if you like drawing animals in pastel like I do.

Mrs Abdilla

From opening the first page of her new book I was completely blown away by the beautiful coloured artwork. This is one of the best wildlife books that I have (I have over 200+)   It is not only beautiful but   inspirational and I would recommend  it to anyone interested in wildlife art.

Mr Casey

I have just received a copy of this wonderful book ’Taming Wildlife with Pastel Pencils’. WOW what a fantastic, beautiful book, well laid out and with some fantastic subjects to paint/draw. I put Lucy up with my top ten of pastel artists, along with Colin Bradley, and Jason Morgan.

S Waters

Such detail, such beauty, such love for the animals coming through the drawings. I’m new to pastel pencils but not frightened to jump in following the instructions.